Sara’s Automated Injera Machine

Sara’s Automated Injera Machine makes up to 350 injera an hour, or over 8,000 injera a day!

If you own or run an Ethiopian restaurant or food truck, Sara’s Automated Injera Machine is a must to own. The machine produces authentic Ethiopian injera that looks, feels, and tastes just like traditional injera made by hand over a fire!
Sara’s Automated Injera Machine is 51 inches tall, 100.5 inches wide, and 89 inches deep and needs an electrical connection of 220V and runs on natural gas.

About Sara’s Automated Injera Machine

In Ethiopia, injera is made at home and eaten every single day.

Injera is the base of nearly every Ethiopian meal, and you typically top it with numerous vegetable and meat dishes.
Injera is a spongelike sourdough bread that is quite literally the foundation of Ethiopian cuisine. Made from teff, the smallest grain in the world, it doubles as both a plate and silverware in many Ethiopian meals.

The traditional way of making injera is by hand over a fire.

Sara and her husband, Dereba, came to America in 2000 and have made a living providing injera and other Ethiopian food at their bakery and restaurant. Sara decided that she was spending too much time making injera by hand, and over the years, they have designed a machine that mass produces injera that tastes just like the injera made at home over a fire. They are happy that Sara’s Automated Injera Machine can help provide injera so dear to Ethiopian food and culture.

“You don’t need any experience to work the machine, if you have the ingredients, the machine will make the injera in the exact, traditional way. You have to prepare the dough, that’s it.”—Sara Wordofa

“Anybody who gets the machine doesn’t have to worry about making injera. The machine does that work for you.”—Abeni Yadessa